Intentional Holistic skincare


Tabitha Hufnagel

Esthetician and obsessive gardener. Wannabe Witch. 

Growing up in the beauty industry I was surrounded by self care rituals from a young age. My mom, dad and step mom have all owned and operated salons and spas for hair, skincare and massage for the past 35 years. Apparently I’m referred to as “Second-Gen” ;) I’ll take it. When I left home, it felt important to re-evaluate my relationship with what “beauty” was. The seemingly superficial nature of the industry had taken its toll on me and I was ready to discover what it meant to feel beautiful without a stitch of make up, without styled hair and without products promising perfection. Turns out, it’s a pretty east shift to make in ones energetic and flawless 20’s. And one that I’m forever grateful I made. 


However, when my 30’s hit I had my second baby and experienced some pretty drastic hormonal changes (pregnancy mask mustache anyone?). It was increasingly difficult to feel beautiful in my own skin. Suffice it to say that a recurring circular shaped rash resembling ringworm and covering my whole neck and chest combined with flare ups and scaly patches all over my face were enough to make me question what was going on inside of my body. I started growing gardens anywhere I could find space and dove deep into the world of nutrition, earning my holistic nutrition certification (CHHC). I have now come full circle to combine it with the study of skincare/esthetics. 


 I've cleared up my skin, stopped my eczema flare ups, and have navigated away from dry skin and aching joints through dietary changes and clean products. I’ve also embraced the notion that sometimes a swipe of red lipstick, a spritz of lavender hydrosol or an indulgent mask can be acts of self care, and that a simplified skin care routine with safe and effective products and a good nutritional balance is important for a healthy glow. I am here to help bring out your glow from within, to  guide you through your own self care journey and navigate you to the safest and most effective beauty products available today.